Artist's statement

          Regeneration is not merely the title of this series of my graphic artworks, but a concept I believe in. Each being has the amazing ability to regenerate and to start afresh. We see this miracle of creation every day. I see and express it in my own style, my own vision. Life is more than the visible and the tangible. The most exciting part of the adventure of life is to dare to explore the invisible and the intangible. Through my work I can take you on such an adventure.
          For me freedom is the supreme goal of all art. I am totally free in my creation and I rejoice in this freedom. I would like to pass on this sensation of freedom to others. I would like you to look beyond the first impression, beyond the frame of the artwork, beyond all boundaries.
          My artworks themselves speak much better than I could ever do. As an art lover I am sure you will find your own message and your own meaning in my art.